Once upon a time, before the year of 2016, there was a group of students who wanted to make a cool video game. And they thought to themselves that a 3D game would be cool, possibly something futuristic with an abstract sci-fi art style. Maybe something that will remind of a groundbreaking film from the early 80s which took place inside a computer, with neon lights and polished darkness.

So they started working and did their best to make their families proud, to earn the respect of their fellow students and to achieve the credits, on which their future depended on. After one semester of production in the well-lit and modern equipped work-dungeons of the university, the students had created a fine prototype. It looked and worked exactly like they imagined and so they prepared a presentation to show it to the world.

But then, only one day before their presentation, something unexpected happened…

The exact same company that was responsible for the film from the early 80s with the memorable art style announced a video game too. A video game that looked like a clone of the game the students made. But the company being kind of the inventor, or at least the greatest defining and contributing source to that specific art style, simply had the higher ground. So the students nobly bowed to the big company in silence and decided to give their game a make-over.

So they moved on to define a new universe and to create the Schacht we know and love today. All that is left from that distant past are these screenshots.

Please enjoy.