Run, jump, dash, slide, swing, and wall run to beat your friends in Astral Tracks’ meditative procedurally generated levels!

Defeat your friends and compete for the top spot on the leader boards in Astral Tracks – a 3D platforming speed runner that puts a host of dynamic movement possibilities at your disposal. Offering a unique twist on running platformers, this game challenges you to combine your parkour-esque abilities and master a variety of skills to shave seconds off your times in procedurally generated levels. Unleash your competitive streak and play against friends, family or enemies online, competing for the top-spot on the leader boards! Or embrace Astral Tracks’ meditative side and find yourself entering a relaxing flow-state as you glide through the tracks. Unlock outlandish costumes for your avatar, adding an extra dimension of fun to your runs through this cyber-futuristic environment!