LAB132 is an independent developer and publisher of high quality interactive media content. We make games for various platforms with a focus on technical and artistic quality. Founded in 2017 near Stuttgart (Germany), our team quickly expanded beyond all locations to become a purely remote company, with its legal headquarter in Heidelberg (Germany).

LAB132 has a way back history in the production of digital entertainment software and is part of a new generation of producers and service providers with a deep understanding of media, technology and quality.



Supporting Misc Games with developing their title Ships At Sea – a unique and ultimate simulation game for maritime enthusiasts.
Read more about Ships At Sea.

Cooperation with Bonus Level Entertainment to port their title to PlayStation and support them with Unity development.
Read more about Saga of Sins.

Cooperation with Klabater to port this nomadic turn-based city builder to Xbox and PlayStation.
Read more about As Far As The Eye.



We help you realize your ideas! LAB132 is just as ready to create an advanced VR experience from concept to finished product as well as turn your existing game into an optimized console title.

  • PC and console game development – We develop our own interactive media applications for various platforms and Operating Systems, as well as do contract work in the same areas
  • Porting – We are experienced in porting games to different consoles and platforms (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo) and have contributed to 20+ released titles in the last years
  • Co-Development – We support and develop games together with our partners, taking over tasks in e.g. Engine Development, Gameplay Programming, Art, Design or supporting with Release Preparations
  • Technical Support – We offer technical support of all sorts as well as Game Engine support (Unreal, Unity, others) to help you make the most out of your games
  • Plugin and SDK Development – We are also experienced in creating plugins and SDKs, distribute our own plugins over digital marketplaces and regularly contribute back to the software and tools we use most often

Our team provides a diverse set of skills:

  • Programming and Tech – Engine Development (Unreal, Unity, others), Gameplay (C++, C#, others), Multiplayer, Network, Architecture, Performance Optimization, Plugin and SDK development, Tools, Build Pipelines and Release Preparations
  • Game Design – Design Documents, Mechanics, Game Flow, and more
  • Game Engine Development – We’ve built a custom Engine based on the Unreal Engine with years of changes and improvements, while staying up-to-date with the official releases, but are experienced with Unity development as well
  • Art and Graphics – 2D/3D characters and environments, technical art, tools, workflows, User Interfaces, and more