Supporting Misc Games with developing their title Ships At Sea – a unique and ultimate simulation game for maritime enthusiasts.

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Cooperation with Bonus Level Entertainment to port their title to PlayStation and support them with Unity development.

Read more about Saga of Sins.

Cooperation with Klabater to port this nomadic turn-based city builder to Xbox and PlayStation.

Read more about As Far As The Eye.

On behalf of Tilt Five (T5) LAB132 developed an Unreal Engine 4 plugin / Software Development Kit for their hardward system.

In Wartile, a cool-down-based strategy game in which you’ll control a group of vikings, we cooperated with PlayWood Project and Deck13 Spotlight to port this title to consoles.

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Supporting Misc Game with developing their title for PC and porting it onto consoles.

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Cooperation to port this single-player comic-book-like action adventure, set in the final winter before Ragnarök, to consoles.

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Cooperation with Bonus Level Entertainment and Independent Arts Software to port this title to consoles.

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Serious game designed and developed from first concept to released product for Web and Mobile in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and the Stuttgart University within the context of their research project SynErgie.

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